About Bounce Fitness

About Bounce Fitness

Bounce Fitness featuring Kangoo Jumps Boots

A HIGH ENERGY, super addictive, rebounding experience. It’s GREAT cardio that also BURNS FAT and TONES MUSCLES. Plus it’s easy on the joints… especially the knees! Get ready to energize and elevate your health and fitness!


Our premier brand of rebound fitness, featuring Kangoo Jumps boots, allows you to:

Burn 25% more calories than standard exercises without the boots

Reduce up to 80% of the impact of higher impact exercises and movements

Enjoy 100% of the fun of getting and staying fit

These benefits, coupled with our signature custom nutrition planning system, The Fit Formula, is our formula for how our clients achieve their ultimate fitness goals. If you need an effective fitness and nutrition solution to achieve your goals or simply maintain your existing weight, start by taking the Bounce Fit Quiz and we’ll let you know exactly how to get started.

Meet The Bounce Fitness CEO

Hey! Have we met yet?

I’m Kandice Shelton, CEO & Founder of Bounce Fitness Club Rebound Instructor and Master Instructor Trainer

Also, I’m a certified fitness instructor, certified personal trainer, certified yoga instructor and certified nutrition coach. Yep, I’m all in with all things health and fitness, but it wasn’t always like this.

At one point in my life, I was over 200lbs and was wearing a size 18 in pants. After going through a 60 pound weight loss journey, I fell in love with all things health, fitness and nutrition. When I lost the weight, I found a passion for healthy living and for helping other women through their wellness journey.

But then, I was living my best #fitlife and it happened… an injury…and then another one! The first was a knee injury that happened while running a half marathon..around mile 7 ½ my knee decided it was done running. Wait…what! And then a few months later, after a random fall, I ended up with a herniated disk in my lower back. So my #fitlife changed to #couchlife so I could heal my body.


In my search to find a fitness routine that would support my injured joints, I found Kangoo Jumps. Fast forward to the day that I took my first Kangoo Jumps rebounding class…I was instantly in love! INSTANTLY! I experienced a great workout without any knee or back pain. After one class, I was hooked and I knew it would be added to the menu of classes that I was teaching! Shortly after completing my Kangoo Jumps certification, Bounce Fitness Club, LLC was born!

It goes without saying that I love all things rebounding. I run in my boots and have completed many 5k and 10k races and even a half marathon (13.1 miles)…YES in my boots! Listen…I’m quickly approaching 50 years old and I don’t have time to ice my knees every time I run! Can I get an AMEN?

I currently live in land-locked Atlanta, but I feel like I was a mermaid in a previous life because I LOVE the ocean and beach. Shhhh, don’t tell my Atlanta Bounce Squad, but I would love to move closer to the beach one day! 🤫  In the meantime, I take full advantage of the hiking, cycling and running communities in the Atlanta area.

If you have any questions about rebounding, weight loss, fitness, nutrition, etc…I’m here! See ya inside the virtual studio or at one of our Atlanta area studio locations!


Meet The Bounce Team

Sasha Day, Instructor

Bootcamp Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Health Coach

Hi, I’m Sasha Day, a Certified Integrated Health Coach, Massage Therapist and Kangoo Jumps Bootcamp Instructor. I began my health journey with the desire to achieve emotional and physical growth. Developing healthy habits is a challenge I have committed to and grown to enjoy. Three years ago, I decided to quite literally take a leap and join my first Kangoo Jumps bounce class. It was exciting and fun and quickly became a great way to meet like minded people working towards similar health goals in a super encouraging environment, my initial fear quickly faded away and I was hooked. The instructor’s high energy approach was inspiring.

Not only did I stick to it as a regular member, I am now an instructor, looking forward to getting everyone excited about achieving their own fitness goals, through regular exercise, a healthy diet and mental wellness. I know how challenging life can be sometimes and we may just not feel like it – trust me, I was there! I can’t wait to be your partner and motivate you to feel (and be) the best version of YOU!

Join me, let’s work together to develop a personalized plan to achieve your best health.

Karen Powell, Instructor

Power Instructor & Certified Fitness Instructor

After helping others improve their health and fitness as a certified group exercise instructor and personal trainer for 10 years, I took a hiatus to train for figure competitions and half marathons. I was enjoying being a participant in Kandice’s amazing Cardio Funk class for two years. Then she introduced me to Kangoo Power, and I was hooked! I was able to get the benefits of high-intensity interval training without the high impact. My heart, muscles and joints were all happy! Kangoo Jumps Power is the only group exercise format that was able to woo me out of my student status back to being an instructor.

With Kandice’s encouragement and support, I became a certified Kango Jumps Power Instructor in November 2020. I teach a high-energy class with great music and fun choreography that is doable whether it’s your first time bouncing or you’ve been bouncing for years.

Jump in with us and join the Bounce Squad!

Chloey Mayo, Staff

Administrative manager, club photographer, and the number 1 fan of Bounce

Hi I’m Chloey Mayo and I’m the administrative manager, club photographer and the number 1 fan of Bounce! I absolutely love bouncing…. so much so that not only does my twin sister have a pair of boots, but so does my mom! We are a bouncing family. I support Kandice and the Bounce Instructor Team with administration, customer support and if you’ve ever emailed us at info@bouncefitnessclub.com, I’m the person who has likely replied. Go ahead, try it now… ask me anything, I’m here to help. 🙂

Autumn’s Dawn , Staff

singer, actor, dancer, teaching artist, Bounce Instructor

Hi there! My name is Autumn Dawn and I am a singer, actor, dancer, teaching artist…and now Bounce Instructor! I started my bounce journey in the Summer of 2021 and fell in love with it. With my classes, I will use some of my knowledge from my dance background to make our time together enjoyable and FUN! …

"We’re on a mission to create fun, engaging, high energy fitness experiences to shift the way people think about getting fit and staying fit"

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