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If so, the training club programs are perfect.

Our programs are focused, structured and customized to the participants in the program. Want to lose 25 pounds? Great…the routines and nutrition plans are focused on that. Same with toning, strengthening and endurance goals.

Want to train with a group or team? Perfect…the more the merrier as all participants work towards similar goals. Click below to schedule a free consultation to learn which program is best.

Bounce Fitness Training Programs

One-on-One & Small Group Personal Training

Customized training, coaching and accountability to reach your fitness or weight loss goal is key to reaching your goals. And this program is perfect for that. By using rebound boots in your personal training session, you can burn 25% more calories. Which means you achieve your goals faster!

Our personal training programs are customized to each participant and including fitness components that will help you increase cardiovascular endurance, build muscle strength plus improve your core and balance, all while protecting your body from excess impact to your joints.

Nutrition is an integral part of our programs. Nutrition plans are provided at the start of the program and nutrition consultations are incorporated into the weekly training sessions. Boots are included with all training sessions and participants also get access to The Bounce Club online fitness portal.

Sports & Endurance Training

Are you an athlete who wants to take their strength and conditioning to the next level? Get stronger and faster as your train by incorporating rebound training into your regular training routine. Just one day a week for 30 days and you’ll see and feel a difference.

Improve your balance, agility, cardio endurance, lower body & core strength while burning 25% more calories. Train for less time and achieve greater results while protecting your joints with our sports and endurance training. Training sessions are available in-person in the Atlanta area or online via The Bounce Club online fitness portal.

Private Events

Are you planning a company function? Celebrating a milestone in your life? Organizing a girl’s (or guy’s) outing? Need a unique family gathering? Book a private Bounce party. Boots are included for all participants and the music and theme are totally customizable. Events can be held at one of our studios or at your location of choice.

Bounce Fitness Master Trainer

After losing 60 pounds people always ask me how I did it…

losing 60 pounds people always ask me how I did it…the answer they get is not typical.

I wanted something different, so I did something different! Starting with changing my mindset! I shifted how I thought about food, fitness, body weight, etc and the rest followed. During this journey, I’m thankful that I discovered my passion for healthy lifestyle and my passion for helping others through their journey.

Hi, I’m Kandice Shelton, creator of Bounce Fitness Club and a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. I’m also a Certified Nutritionist and creator of, which offers nutrition courses and coaching.

As though fitness is not a big enough part of my life, in my spare time, I’m usually training for something. I’ve completed 3 half marathons in running shoes and a 10 mile race in my rebound boots. Also under my belt I have a duathlon, a century (100 mile) bike ride and a 170 mile bike ride around the island of Jamaica. My next adventure will be completing two half marathons in my boots in 2018.

During my weight loss journey I used nutrition, fitness and accountability to reach my goal. These are the foundation of many of the programs that we offer at Bounce Fitness Club. After getting up to over 200 pounds and losing 60 pounds of it, I know first hand the physical, mental and emotional challenges of being overweight. Helping others through their own journey is my passion and one of the missions of Bounce Fitness Club.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle or simply maintain your physique, contact The Bounce Team to discuss joining one of our programs, classes or our online community.

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