Kangoo Jumps Pro Series (For Adults over 200 lbs)


This is the PRO series unisex boots, perfect for those over 200 lbs. Its MULTI-SIZE liner with its expandable neoprene toe, adapts perfectly to several sizes. It features the patented IPS (Impact Protection System) springs which offers:

  • A better performance
  • Increased comfort
  • New customizing possibilities.
  • A longer life span
  • A 2 way safety feature with a locking system

It has a durable hard shell boot with a comfortable, removable liner which can be machine washed

The revolutionary concept of Kangoo Jumps shoes allows total freedom of movement. Easily transportable, they are usually referred to as a gym in a bag, as they satisfy all requirements for a full body workout making training fun and enjoyable. This versatile high-quality Swiss designed product is easy to use for anybody, any age from 6 to 92 years-old, anywhere, anytime and for any fitness level.

PLEASE NOTE: Refer to the size chart in the product images section to confirm correct shoe size. Feel free to email us with any ordering questions at info@bouncefitnessclub.com.

  • Protect your joints from up to 80% of the impact with the top of the link rebound boots.
  • Burn 25% more calories while you shape and strengthen your legs!
  • Take live classes in the Atlanta area or join the Bounce VIP club for access to tons of online & on-demand classes and exercise routines.

Black & Yellow, Black & Orange, Black & Black, White & Black, Black & Red, Black & Pink, White & Pink


small, medium, large, extra large

Pro Series Type

Pro (200-220 lbs), Pro (221-240 lbs), Pro (241-260 lbs), Pro (261-280 lbs), Pro (281-300 lbs), Pro (301-320 lbs), Pro (321-350 lbs)


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