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Join the high energy, super addictive rebounding fun of Bounce Fitness featuring Kangoo Jumps Boots. Experience the FUN CARDIO that also BURNS FAT and TONES MUSCLES. Plus it’s very easy on the joints… especially the knees!

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Next, choose how you want to bounce - in person with us, on-demand or on your own.
Then, add in our custom nutrition planning system that targets exactly what your body needs to reach its goals. And, finally, layer in our accountability coaching program, for a complete health & fitness solution.
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Bounce Fitness programs featuring Kangoo Jumps boots!

Join us for an Atlanta area Kangoo Jumps class in our studio, outdoors or at one of our pop-up classes around the city. Boots are included with the class, so click below to book a class and reserve your boots. Then, let’s bounce!

Can’t make a studio or outdoor class? Join us for an online Kangoo Jumps class. Experience a high energy, super fun workout from the comfort of your home.  Bounce live online during our scheduled classes or on-demand at your convenience. Your choice!

Need help with your nutrition? Learn more about our custom nutrition planning system, The Fit Formula. Our signature nutrition system is geared around YOU…your goals, your lifestyle, your food preferences and your genetic body type.

Browse our selection of original Kangoo Jumps boots as well as accessories and boot parts. And the best part….as an exclusive Kangoo Jumps distributor, we offer free shipping with all boot orders!

Hi, I’m Kandice!

Kangoo Jumps Pro Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach & CEO/Founder of Bounce Fitness Club.

“I lost the weight and found my passion”

Would you believe me if I said, I used to be over 200lbs? Yep, it’s true! 10 years ago I made a commitment to myself to finally lose the extra weight that I gained after college. My exact goal was to get to 140 pounds by my 40th birthday. With the goal set… I booked a trip to Hawaii for my 40th birthday as my future reward, at the time.

Whew… let me tell you…that journey was not easy! It was super challenging, very emotional and definitely not a straight line to success. But it was totally worth it when I got to the beach in Hawaii… 60 pounds lighter.

It was this weight loss journey that inspired me to become a certified fitness trainer & nutrition coach and ultimately create Bounce Fitness Club. Click below to read more about my weight loss journey and how I found my passion for fitness, nutrition and Kangoo Jumps.

"Bounce is such a fun, engaging and high energy experience that people at every stage of fitness don’t even realize they’re creating life-changing results through effective exercise."

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